Before I get to know you!

I am an avid fan of a good wedding - I am famous (actually potentially infamous - depends who you ask) for taking over the dance floor with my tie around my head belting out 'Living on a Prayer' (is it even a wedding if Bon Jovi doesn't get a run?) much to the repeated horror of my wife!

This fervour for a good celebration led my great mates to ask me to get back to the books, cram for some online testing and become a marriage celebrant for their wedding. And how could I say no to the opportunity to wear a Madonna headset and be in charge of such an incredible day?

I love everything about weddings and had one myself four years ago, a union which has now resulted in my progeny - a little boy named Harry. My day job is marketing for a wine company (think of the hook ups I can get you if you choose me as your celebrant ;-) ) My stupendously talented and incredible wife Beth also helps me put together the perfectly tailored ceremonies I am known for (she wrote that last bit!) - she has a background in Public Relations and Communications and gives me the feminine touch I am missing (again this depends on who you are asking!)

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